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Friday, December 21, 2012

059 Christmas Dinner Bariatric Style

I don't know if you have ever heard Bing Crosby (one of my all time favs!) sing the song "Christmas Dinner Country Style" or not. In ode to him I decided to call this post Christmas Dinner Bariatric Style. I really don't know what we will be having for Christmas dinner but I wanted to throw some ideas out there for traditional Christmas Dinner items that someone on the Stage 3 gastric sleeve diet could eat at family gatherings.

Just remember proteins, fruits & veggies, & everything else. *IMPORTANT REMINDER: Every WLS program is different and their diets and dietary allowances are different. Make sure to follow the plan your surgeon has prescribed to you. These are things Jimmy is allowed to eat per his surgeon. Talk to your doctor before making changes to your diet or exercise program.*

1. Start with Protein
First things first, bariatric patients are supposed to focus on eating foods that are high in protein and low in fat. Keep an eye out for the family turkey, ham, and/or chicken. They are going to be your friend--who you will then eat--but go easy on any gravy or dressing which may come with those meats.

2. Fruits and Veggies
Once you have consumed your proteins you can look around for fruits and veggies. Keep in mind that at Stage 3 all these fruits and veggies must either be canned or cooked so that they are soft. So you could hunt for the pineapple rings that are often baked on top of the ham or you could reasonably find some green beans or mashed potatoes (go easy on the taters). Skip the green bean casserole (too fattening and has the french fried onions on top) and candied yams. Their minuses far outweigh their pluses!

3. Just a Dab of other Goodies
You only get to choose a really small portion of other things if you are still hungry. Don't overeat because you will be ten times more miserable than when you overate last Christmas and/or Thanksgiving because now you have had bariatric surgery. Also avoid foods that you know aren't on your list and especially those which contain large amounts of sugar. There is nothing worse than Dumping Syndrome when you are trying to have a great time at Christmas!

More than focusing on the foods you can or cannot have be sure to focus on your family. They are more important than food anyway. Make food a small part of your whole celebration not your whole celebration.

Just for fun, I have included Bing Crosby singing "Christmas Dinner Country Style." I hope you enjoy it and enjoy your families this holiday season.

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Christmas Dinner Country Style
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  1. I think "stage 3" diets are different per surgeon. I'm on my stage 3, which is what I was discharged from the hospital with and continue ten days post op. It is 7 oz water and 1 oz protein per hr for ten hrs each day. On the 27th, I can begin stage 4, which for me is chicken, fish (all shredded), crackers, cottage cheese, low fat cheese, and toast (must be toasted) cut into 4ths with crust removed. I can't have fruit or cooked veggies until stage 5, which is four weeks post op. I think it's important to note these variations so someone doesn't accidentally eat something they're not approved to eat yet.
    Also, for canned fruits and veggies, my nutritionist says that I'll have to drain AND rinse them (get rid of all the extra sodium or sugar). Good idea.

    1. You are definitely right. Every program is different when it comes to the diets they allow and when they allow them. I must have missed putting in the notice on this one which I normally include on the others which says just that. Thanks for pointing that out. I will definitely go back and add it.