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Thursday, December 13, 2012

053 A Not so Regular Doctor's Appointment

It's almost been four weeks since Jimmy's surgery. He has done amazing! Plus he has lost over 85 lbs since starting his liquid diet on Nov. 2nd! However, your body starts to go through some major changes when you lose that weight so Jimmy really needed to go see his primary care doctor.

Yesterday was the first time in the six and a half years that we have been married that I haven't been able to go to the doctor with Jimmy. He was a real trooper and decided to tough it out and go on his own even though he really, really hates going to the doctor's office. Anyway, so he goes in to talk about why he isn't sleeping well, why he is having dizziness when he is active, and why he is having cramping in his legs and knees when he tries to sleep.


He calls me two hours after his appointment was supposed to have started to tell me that he has just gotten in and that they are going to draw blood to check his potassium levels but that Dr. Weiderholt is concerned about his blood pressure because it is very low.

An hour later...

His blood pressure is fine when he is at rest but it drops after being active (like standing up or sitting down) so she is going to keep him a little longer to monitor him and she won't draw blood until his blood pressure comes up.

An hour later...

Jimmy calls to tell me that I need to come and pick him up because Dr. Weiderholt is sending him to the ER and doesn't want him to drive himself! Yeah I was more than a little surprised. So I leave work, drive across town to the doctor's office, pick him up, and drive him back across town to the ER.

We got right into the ER. What a blessing! The doctor got in to see us pretty quickly. He talked to Jimmy and determined that they needed to draw blood for labs and they would give him an IV for fluids and the ER doctor would call "Dr. Hornbuckle" (I am sure Dr. H would have been thrilled to know a colleague was totally murdering his name!) and talk to him about everything.

At this point Jimmy is pretty dehydrated from being the in doctor's office all day so they have a lot of trouble getting the IV in and have to bring in the vein ultrasound machine. They draw labs and get the IV going and give him two bags of IV fluid to make sure he is well hydrated. By the time the second bag was half empty they had the results of Jimmy's labs.

His potassium is low which is causing several of his symptoms. So they gave him two potassium pills in the hospital and prescribed a potassium pill for daily use at home over the next week. The doctors also decided to take Jimmy off his blood pressure medicine. Evidently his blood pressure has dramatically begun to improve due to the weight loss and the meds were making his blood pressure too low. Go figure! They also told us that the dehydration was making a mess of his blood pressure as well.

About three hours later...

Once the second bag of fluids was finished, we were free to go although Jimmy will have to go in to have labs again on Friday as well as a follow up with Dr. H. Thankfully, my friend Dana was able to give me a ride to back to my car so I didn't have to leave it at the Dr. Weiderholt's office overnight. Then when I got home we settled down and snuggled in and watched Survivor and ate dinner.

It was a really long evening, but I wanted to say "Thank You" to all of you who offered up thoughts and prayers on our behalf. You are greatly appreciated! And Thank You to Dana for going out of her way to pick me up and take me back to my car. You are a lifesaver!


  1. Nothing like a little excitement. Glad to hear your blood pressure is improving. Keep up the good work. I love hearing about your progress.

    1. Yes, we are excited that Jimmy's blood pressure is improving but next time maybe we could figure that out before we have to go to the ER! :)