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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

042 A Nice Surpise

It has been a little while now since Jimmy has been in to work in the office. The church has kindly approved 3-6 weeks for his recovery time but I know that he is hoping to be back soon.

Jimmy loves his job and I think that he really misses socializing with his co-workers. When we were out the other day, we decided that we should stop by the church office so that Jimmy could say "Hi" to everyone. I think that they were surprised to see that he was as up and active as he is (Thankfully, Jimmy has had very limited pain and/or gas/bloating and he has been able to be up and active in small amounts).

We were surprised when we walked into his office and found this...

An anonymous note left for Jimmy on his computer screen at work.
"I can do everything through Him who gives me strength." Philippians 4:13

It's really awesome and encouraging to know that people are thinking about you and praying for you. It was a sweet and touching moment. Thank you, whoever you are. It's nice to be reminded that we are not alone and that we can do all things through Christ!

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  1. Also you have people thinking and praying that you don't even really KNOW :) This is a nice gesture. I can only wish I had this kind of encouragement in my offline life! You all are very lucky, indeed!

    1. I would definitely have to agree with you there. Thank you for your support!