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Thursday, November 8, 2012


Good morning, everyone! I hope that you have enjoyed hearing about Jimmy's liquid diet. Rest assured you will be receiving more details about that as time goes on BUT today I am going to jump back to the chronological storyline we were following.

So let's see…

Insurance requirements…Monthly appts…Exercise…Dieting…Dr. Appt. Blitz… Now I remember, we were getting ready to talk about Testing Day!

Ok, so it's not really called Testing Day but that's what I decided to nickname it since Jimmy had to undergo a bunch of tests :) In all reality this was the day that if Jimmy could pass all his tests then he would be able to schedule his surgery date.

TEST #1:
Our day started bright and early at Heartland Medical Center. First stop was to the lab. Let me tell you Jimmy is not jazzed about anything related to drawing blood or giving blood. Then you match that reluctance up with an early morning appointment and I was sure that disaster would ensue.

Thankfully I was wrong! The lab technician was awesome! She got Jimmy on the first try which kept him in a good mood too. Not only that but I was also relieved when we later found out Jimmy's cholesterol and blood sugars looked good. One set of tests down and passed.

TEST #2:
Next we had to go the cardiology section of the hospital for an EKG. The technician hooked everything up, took his readings, and sent him on his way. When we talked to the Nurse Practitioner we found out that the anesthesiologist would want further testing because his results were not clear. She also said that this was normal for a person JImmy's size.

TEST #3:
The final test was with Cindy Roberts the Nurse Practitioner. She wanted to check that Jimmy knew what was expected from him as far as diet and exercise. She also checked to make sure he knew his vitamins and medications for post-op. She also re-assured us that we would be able to schedule the surgery date but that we would still have to go see a cardiologist for further heart testing.


Jimmy and I took the first available surgery date. Bright and early on Friday, November 16, 2012.


  1. Christiana & Jimmy,

    Thank you for this blog! It is so nice being able to follow your journey!! God Bless you, both!!

    1. Thanks for reading. We really enjoy the therapy of getting all our feelings out in writing. Plus it's an easy way to keep family and friends updated :) Thanks again for visiting and commenting.