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Thursday, November 22, 2012

038 It Feels Like Forever

I always smirk at those people who tell you "See you next year!" on New Year's Eve. It's a big joke that it sounds like you aren't going to see one another for a long time when it is really a matter of hours/minutes. I had this feeling the other day when I was talking to Jimmy about eating.

For anyone who is really behind, Jimmy has been doing a two week pre-op liquid diet in preparation for his gastric sleeve WLS. He hasn't eaten any solid food since Friday, November 2nd. It really seems like it has been forever since we sat down for a regular meal.

More mind boggling still is the fact that Jimmy won't be able to eat regular solid foods again until sometime in January! When you say January it just feels like it is so far, far away. Yes, it really is weeks away but in the grand scheme of things life will be back to normal sooner rather than later. It just doesn't feel that way right now.

I guess what I am trying to say is that it is all a matter of perspective. When you think about the number of years and choices it took to get us into this bad position versus the time we have invested to this point in correcting it--we still have a long way to go! However, it is totally achievable. We just have to keep our perspective fixed on why it is worth it to keep trying!

Don't give up on your goals! You can make it! Victory is closer than it seems.

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