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Friday, November 23, 2012

039 Our Thanksgiving

Your patience has been rewarded! The internet is back up and running and I am home from work to upload the pictures of our Thanksgiving! Jimmy has his first post-op doctor appointment this week and the surgeon cleared him to go on to his stage two diet just in time to have some mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving. I will talk more about the Stage Two diet next week. For now, here are the pictures from the Mustion Thanksgiving. Hope you enjoy!

We celebrated my sister's 20th birthday. With her favorite pumpkin pie.

She opened her present from us...

It's Brave!

She also got body wash from Mom & Dad.

Jimmy eating his first stage two meal: 1 egg, scrambled.

Same pic Instragrammed.

Jimmy's Thanksgiving dinner -- Mashed Potatoes with Velveeta.

Yes, they had to be thinned with milk before he could eat them.

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