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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

021 Gotta Have Support!

This post is going to stray a little bit back into our chronological storyline and then come back to the present…

Ok, so back to the Dr. Appointment Blitz day. One of the things that was really emphasized to us was the need for support, and I know that we have talked about Making New Friends but here is where the rubber meets the road…

Now jump back to the present. Jimmy and I have been slowly building a great network of people that we can talk to and rely on for support. They have been amazing! Some of them are regular people that we see regularly, others are old friends, and still others have undergone weight loss surgery themselves.

These people have been encouraging us to eat healthy and exercise, but they have taken support a step further than just using their words! On Friday (Nov. 2nd), Jimmy will be starting his two week liquid pre-op diet, but he won't be alone. In order to support and empathize with Jimmy during this time, our support team has taken it upon themselves to arrange a rotation schedule so that at least one of them is doing the liquid diet with Jimmy every SINGLE day!

He will never be alone in his hunger or frustration. He can look at his list and he can see who his "diet buddy" is for the day and he can call them up and talk it out. We are super excited and touched by this amazing outpouring of support and love that Jimmy has specifically received in this area.

A BIG thank you to all our friends and especially to our support team as we prepare to enter the hardest two weeks in our lives to date.

Thanks again,

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  1. Just keep thinking about how many more years you'll have to live and praise God here on earth.