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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

002 Why Consider Weight Loss Surgery (WLS)?

I would hazard a guess that if you are reading this then you may have either had or be considering some kind of WLS. Therefore you are not the person that says “They can’t lose the weight because they are lazy” or “Why do surgery when you can lose it naturally” or “They are just looking for a ‘magic’ fix to their problem”. Those people DRIVE ME CRAZY! In some cases their questions might be valid but in the vast majority they are just wrong and their questions are inappropriate. Let me explain...

Most people are not aware that there have been medical studies conducted that have concluded that most morbidly obese people (anyone with a BMI 40+) are physically incapable of losing their weight naturally and keeping it off long term. These studies are the reason that insurance companies have decided to provide coverage for WLS surgeries such as the gastric bypass and Lap-Band. They realize that many of the people they insure will never be able to lose their excess weight without surgical assistance.

However, surgery never has and probably never will be an easy or magical fix. You MUST WORK to change your eating and exercise habits in order to receive the benefits of the surgery. “Failed” surgeries are the cause of many of the snide and demeaning comments like the examples I gave above. Really it is not the surgery that has failed but the people who have failed to commit to a lifestyle change that have failed to receive the results they were hoping to achieve. More on this later.

Jimmy and I decided to consider WLS because we realized that he needs help to achieve his weight loss goals. We are committed to making lifestyle changes that will make us healthier and will help to achieve and maintain long-term health and weight management. We are ready and willing to start putting in the work it will take to make those dreams happen. Join us!

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  1. I can not wait for Jimmy to lose the weight. I will be there for you and Jimmy. Love you guys. :-)

  2. i would hope that most of us who know Jimmy want him to be around for a long time. i will be praying for you both through this time.

  3. Thanks. We really want Jimmy to be around for a long time too. The prayers and thoughts are all much appreciated!