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Monday, October 29, 2012

020 Grieving Jimmy's Lifelong Friend Food

Hey, friends! I am glad to see that you are hanging in there with us. I have been thinking about this blog post for quite a while now but I wanted to wait and write it while my frustration wasn't quite so great.

As you can imagine, the closer we get to the liquid diet and the surgery the harder things become emotionally. It is also a lot harder to stick to our regimen of healthy eating and exercise (we have actually been really bad about this the last week or so). From talking to other people I really knew that I should be expecting this. However, I totally underestimated how hard this stage would be!

Evidently, when you are facing a gastric sleeve surgery you actually grieve FOOD. Ok, please stop rolling your eyes at me. You probably could have told me that you saw that one coming a mile away but let me put my foot down and firmly tell you that IT IS HARD! You really don't get how big a part of your life food is until you look at it and say, "I may never be able to eat this again!"

As Jimmy began to grieve food he became moody, angry, emotional, and his thinking was isolated. There were many times when I know he had to be thinking that I couldn't even come close to understanding what he was feeling or thinking because I will still physically be able to eat whatever I want. But he's not alone…

The biggest struggle was trying to support him and encourage him that I do understand his sacrifices in small measure. I wanted him to know that I am with him in this. I eat with him and prepare our meals together. I will be eating the same things he eats--once he gets make to eating solid foods :) I know that he will miss pizza more than me but I am really going to miss pasta.

In the end I know that his sacrifice is way greater than mine but if he gets the fact that I know that his sacrifice is a big deal and I support him--no matter how whiny or angry he gets about losing food--then that is a victory for both of us!

For more information on the process of grieving food, please feel free to visit the resources listed below.  Since our world is revolving around food right now, the next couple of posts will be dealing with Jimmy's Pre-Op diet and preparation for the surgery.

More Resources:


  1. That is all so true and something we all go through with our surgery! We are voluntarily giving up our drug of choice, our best friend who is always there for us bringing comfort, joy, relaxation any time day or night, we are addicts plain and simple. Thank you for sharing and blogging about the grieving process!

    1. Thank you for being open about the feelings you have experienced. It really means a lot to us too. Thanks for reading!