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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

017 Jimmy's BIG Dreams

Today you are in for a real treat! Jimmy is writing this post himself. Then at the end I am posting a photo collage of some of the things I dream of us doing after the WLS.

As promised, here is Jimmy's post of his big post surgery dreams…

Losing hundreds of pounds is a good thing. It will make life even more crazy than it already is. Christiana has asked me to write a blog post about things that I look forward to doing once more and more weight comes off. So since I like Top 10 lists, I thought it would be fun to do the:


Here we go.

#10. Go to more concerts. I like going to concerts but I don’t like traveling distances and standing for a long time. But losing weight means that I will be able to do both. It will nice to see that a band is playing within driving distance and not working about going to it. Plus this might mean that I will be able to attend some actual music festivals. Such as Its only 5 hours away therefore I will be able to travel to it. Speaking of….

#9. Travel It will nice to not be hindered by being stuck in a vehicle or a plane or a train or a rikshaw uncomfortably as now. It will be nice to take trips to places that are off limits to me know like, I don’t know, apple picking or nascar races. That is the point. I can travel more easily.

#8. Paintball, lazer tag and other such. If I were to go PB or LT now I would be pretty pointless and useless. Serving as a very easy target. But once I become more mobile, quicker, sleeker, sneakier, more spy like, I will be a valuable to a team and more fun. Go ahead and lump Mini Golf in this category too. My wife always wants to go to mini golf. Oh and Picnics. Oh and playing basketball.

#7. Stand Longer. Might seem kind of boring and lame but true. Its annoying sometimes when you get stuck somewhere without a place to sit and you leave. Or having to take a chair to places where you need to be able to sit down. Or just simply to stand longer in the pulpit to preach. Either or. It will be nice to stand for longer period of times.

#6. Easier times at restaurants. There are certain places that we avoid simply because there are no tables, or the chairs are bad or there is limited space. It will be nice because we wont be as limited with this as we are now. Granted its not going to be there over night but it will be an improvement. Of course there will be way less eating out now. LOL.

#5. Discovering other fun activities besides eating out. Maybe hot air ballooning, maybe, maybe archery, perhaps fencing? Any of those and things I haven’t thought of yet. It will be neat to see what kinds of things Christiana will do that we don’t even know yet. I guess that is part of the excitement vs the depressing part of this. I got to focus on the things that I can do now vs the food I cant eat now. BYE BYE Capt. Crunch. (a little veggie tales reference for you)

#4. Going to the Theatre. Christiana and I both love the Theatre. We have only been once since we have been married. Why? Seating mainly. But again, that will be easier. I wont like dressing up but at least….

#3. Dress clothes more often. Do people even realize how expensive clothes for big people are??? Especially dress clothes, if you can even find them. I know that my lovely wife would love for me to dress up for often. Maybe even a dress shirt and tie. MAYBE! But I would love to be more like Corey Matthews of Boy Meets Wold and rock the Sweater vest some!! Again, more options. Clothes are still expensive but some are worth it like….

#2. Buying jerseys and sports clothes!! I always wear shirts and I never get to wear anything to rep my STL Cards or My UCONN Huskies. Well beside hats. I cant wait til I cant get that first Jersey or Uniform. Its going to be awesome. Also a nice plus will be WWE shirts. So I can walk around chanting YES YES YES YES to everyone. (like 3 people will get that. LOL)

#1. Not being embarrassed all the time. Overweight constantly fight self image issues. Since I view this surgery as very PRO ACTIVE it will nice to know that even if I am still a big guy (face it I will never be 150) I will know that something is being done about it and I can feel easier and better about myself.

Christiana's Dream BIG Collage:


  1. I love your outlook! You can do anything you set your mind to!!! :D I am so excited for you Jimmy!!!!!!!

  2. I know a pretty cool fest not to far away!!

  3. I love this post, Jimmy, and look forward to these big dreams coming true. Blessings to you guys!

    1. Thanks for reading, Greg! I too look forward to seeing all Jimmy's dreams come true.

  4. Jimmy,
    I love you as a dear friend, and you know I have a great amount of respect for you and I want to give you words of encouragement from another who is going though the weight lost journey. As you once told me when I was 20 and dealing with big issues, I know you can face this, I know you are strong enough to do this. If I can go from weighing 568 to 438 in seven years of hard core work, you can beat the need for junk food and tuff you know isn’t good for your body. I believe you can do this Jimmy. Don’t give up and Don’t give into the voice in your head saying you can’t. You CAN do this, and you CAN tell that voice in your head to shut up and You WILL loose the weight! I am so proud of you making this uge choice, and I will back you up in any way I can.