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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

007 Making New Friends

It's amazing how many new friends Jimmy and I have made since he started talking about having weight loss surgery! Some of them are friends of friends who had weight loss surgery and our mutual friends were like "Hey! You're having weight loss surgery…I know so and so who had weight loss surgery…You should give them a call!" Others have been people we have connected to through the internet, forums, and weight loss support groups.

I want to take this chance to introduce you to one of these awesome peeps. Hey everyone, this is Anna! Anna just had her weight loss surgery this year, and she chronicled her experience in video blogs (vlogs) which she later posted to YouTube where she was discovered by none other than Jimmy Mustion. Anna has graciously answered many of our questions and she has also agreed to allow us to use some of her vlogs on Jimmy Goes Gastric. I am excited to share some of Anna's journey and experience as we share our own.

Please keep in mind that Anna went through a different surgical office/program so some of the things you may see and hear in her vlogs (i.e. diet and exercise prescribed, etc.) may vary from what Jimmy and I are going thru. However, many of the physical and emotional experiences are probably going to be very similar. I say all of this to say that no two programs are exactly the same but it is great to get different experiences and points of view as you go.

I hope you enjoy and learn from Anna as much as Jimmy and I have!

Introducing Anna...


  1. I think it's amazing how open the people we have met have been about their surgeries and their successes and failures. It really has been wonderful. There's nothing quite like first hand experience.

  2. Thanks AnnaBanana! You are quite swell too!!!