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Thursday, January 17, 2013

075 The Benefits of Sharing

I have been looking forward to the day that all the other gastric sleevers have been telling us about...the day the grocery bill goes down!

I haven't so much noticed it in our actual grocery bill yet because we have to buy staples like different flavors of protein drinks and stuff like that. However, I have seen a marked difference in our dining out bill.

Not only are we eating out less, but we are also sharing one meal between us! That still blows my mind. That got me thinking... Besides money what are the benefits of sharing?

So here are my Top 4 Benefits for Sharing Restaurant Portions after Gastric Sleeve Surgery:
1. Sharing helps keep Jimmy's portion size in check and help me eats a more accurate food portion myself
2. Sharing forces us to sit closer, look at each other, and talk during meals (no more stick in the television face)
3. Sharing often eliminates leftovers in the fridge that no one is going to eat
4. Sharing reduces the overall meal cost.

I know I said it's not all about the money but I have to tell you this story.

Jimmy and I decided to go out last week and try Mexican for the first time. So we went to our local El Maguey and as soon as we walked in we saw the beef and bean burrito was on the specials menu. Perfect! We sit down and we order two waters and the burrito special. The hardest thing was resisting the chips which we asked them not to bring but they did anyway (I blame the language barrier). When the burrito comes we decided to open it up on the plate and scrape the insides out onto the cheese sauce which the burrito had been smothered in and we didn't eat the flour tortilla shell. We finished our meal and we were both comfortably full without over doing it. We didn't have any leftovers and for the first time in our lives we were able to tip about 100%! Our meal was only $3.65 so we gave the waitress a $4 tip just because we could. It was an awesome experience.

We didn't think that we would but we actually love sharing. So we share the majority of the time now.

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  1. Mexican is my FAVORITE thing to eat. it's the easiest (for me) way for me to get good protein in (i.e. I eat a TON of beans and cheese). I hope it went down well for Jimmy!