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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

066 A Rough Beginning to the New Year

I was at work on New Year's Eve waiting to surprise Jimmy with the fact that I was going to get off an hour early! I couldn't wait! Thirty minutes before I was supposed to leave I get a phone call from Jimmy that he is having an emergency but that he can't tell me what it is because he feels like he is about to throw up. So I rush out the door and catch my boss on the way out. She isn't thrilled that I want to leave a half hour before my already early hour out and sends me off with "Jimmy always seems to be having emergencies." Needless to say I am now worried about my husband, my job, and driving home in the snow.

When I get home, I find Jimmy in the bathroom. Evidently he has been in the bathroom for three hours now (maybe a little more). For the past few days, Jimmy has been feeling constipated and the nurse practitioner told us not to worry (because he will probably go less often now than before surgery) but to keep an eye on it. While I was at home for lunch today, Jimmy decided it was time to take a suppository to help relieve himself, and after I left he went into the bathroom and never came out.

By the time that I arrived he is tired, in pain from sitting on the toilet, light headed, and a little dehydrated. So we called the nurse. She said that he probably just has a lot to get out (gee thanks) but that he should make sure that he stays hydrated and that she would call in something for the nausea. So I go back out into the snow to buy sugar free Gatorade (which doesn't even taste good to Jimmy anymore) and to get some meds. The next hour is spent in the bathroom while he drinks the Gatorade and tries to stop going long enough to go out to the recliner and relax his back -- Oh! and did I mention we have company in town!

Finally things claim down enough that he can come out for about an hour at a time to visit and relax. We actually did have some fun hanging out with our guests but the majority of the night was spent in the bathroom and doctoring his poor, sore bottom. This continued throughout the night.

 Needless to say, Jimmy had a really rough beginning to the New Year. Butt (ha has) I guess we should look on the bright side, if this is the worst of 2013 at least it is already over! :)

In all seriousness we know that this will pass. Life happens. Enjoy the good moments and laugh about the bad ones when you can. May God bless you and keep you this year. May you find joy and peace as you have never known before and may your long awaited dreams finally come true!

Grace and Peace,


  1. Wow. Praying for Jimmy to recover. That's got to hurt your back for sure!
    Sounds like he has a great wife, too!

    1. Well thanks. We really appreciate the prayers.

  2. Christiana, I'm lifting you both in prayer. Jimmy to have all the kinks worked out of this surgery. And you, to be have an understanding boss and the continued patience with the kinks. God bless.

    1. Thank you. We really appreciate all the support we have received. I especially appreciate your prayers about my employer. Up until Monday I thought that they were really supportive of everything that is going on in our lives right now. Now I'm not sure and it has led to quite a bit of stress and uncertainty.